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Experience The Corcoran Advantage

Our proprietary Corcoran Advantage process is designed to help our clients achieve simplicity and security during the second half of their lives. It is focused around providing you superior planning experience in the key areas of your financial life.


Your streams of cash flow determine your lifestyle. We help you stabilize your cash flow for a secure and stable retirement.

  • Pension optimization
  • Social Security optimization
  • Portfolio income


You have worked your entire life to save enough money for a comfortable retirement. We will help you make smart investment decisions so your money will last.

  • Personalized portfolio design
  • A focus on market volatility
  • Fee transparency


The Government always seems to want to get their finger in your pie. We will help you implement tax planning strategies to keep their share to a minimum.

  • IRA exit strategies 
  • Surviving spouse planning
  • Annual tax preparation and tax planning
We assist in:

We assist in:

  • Understanding and helping you determine your retirement vision
  • Identifying what you've done to support that vision
  • Seeing how much income you'll need to live comfortably
  • Researching if you have enough retirement savings to satisfy your goals
  • A full portfolio volatility analysis
  • Minimizing your tax liability from your IRA/401k/403b
  • Analyzing your current portfolio's fee structure (what you see and what you don't)
  • Understanding your life expectancy to see if your money will last as long as you do
  • A full IRA tax analysis to determine how much income tax you could potentially save
  • Constructing a personalized portfolio that will last throughout your retirement
  • Researching viable long term care and/or life insurance solutions
  • Building an income plan to ensure your income will last a lifetime (along with your spouse if you're married)

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