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Transparency of Services

Transparency of Services


Corcoran Wealth Management respects your right to privacy and security. We will treat all of your personal information as private and confidential within our company. We will only share this information with associates when necessary for the effective management of your account.


When you have a question or queries requiring an answer, we will provide a response within eight working hours. We will attempt to be proactive, approachable, and responsive to the needs of our clients.


Reporting is a very important part of what to expect when working together. Reporting based on your situation will be structured on either a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. In addition to statements that would be company direct, we can additionally run consolidated reports that can outline how all of your accounts are performing along with any contributions and distributions during the year. This is also very helpful for families during tax time when double checking any figures. We will customize this after understanding your needs and goals with any assets under management with our firm.

Transparency of Services


A proactive approach to meeting with you is our priority. We plan to schedule your “financial check-up” with this in mind. You will be notified in writing when to expect a call from our company in regards to scheduling a review by phone or an office appointment. The outreach phone call will allow plenty of time to set a meeting that can fit into your schedule and provide us the time to review and generate any necessary reports. During your review we will cover any new information and address any areas that you would like to discuss. We have found this to be very helpful for clients so they do not feel left hanging as to when they will see us again.

Personal Account Management

We will provide a clear and accurate summary of your account at your review. We will provide you with the current position of your financial products, on request. We will strive to make your financial transactions easier, more convenient and present them in a simple to read format.


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